Life is not supposed to be fair.  Life is not supposed to be easy. The only way to get to where you want to be is to put in the work. There's going to be a multitude of obstacles that try to come in your way whether it be in the form of a person, place or thing to stop you from being great. But once you recognize your greatness within. Once you recognize your magic, your brilliance within you put forth the effort, you put in the work in order to make your dreams come true. Manifest the reality that you desire. There's going to be obstacles nothing is ever going to be easy. Nothing is every going to be easy you gotta believe in yourself even if no one else believes in you you believe in you.

That's all that matters.

When you know what you can do. When you know what you're capable of doing. Even before you realize what you're capable of doing right? Say you have this great idea and you're like ok cool I'm gonna be a public speaker but you've never spoken on stage you know you don't even know how to give a speech but you feel like it's within you. So put forth the effort and the work to speak better put yourself in situations where you have to speak, where you're forced to speak on the spot so you can't think and hesitate it has to come right off the top of the dome. That's what I did. And you see what I'm doing now traveling across the country to speak across stages. I'm a television resource to talk about human equality. I put forth the effort and I put in the work in order to change my life. 

When I recognized and accepted the fact that I'm a talker I said who am i going to talk to? What am I going to talk about? And how am I going to make sure this reaches people? So I created a collective BlackTransTv and you can follow that on Instagram @BlackTranstV or view our videos at  www.youtube.com/BlackTransTv we've spoken at conferences, we've been booked for events and panels to discuss how it is to navigate and live as a person of black and trans experience as well as speak out about human equality. This all started from me saying I am a speaker I'm going to speak. 

So what do you know about yourself that you can cultivate today? Because you are everything you say you are. You are everything that you think you are but you've got to actually put in the work to manifest that to be that. If Lebron James said I'm a ball player but never once picked up a ball or once went to the gym to practice could he really say he was a ball player? You've got to put yourself in the game whether you win or if you lose who cares. Every experience is a learning experience, learn from it and move on and do better. Life is not fair sometimes things are going to go the way you want and sometimes they're not. That doesn't make you any less than what you are. If you want to excel in anything you have to put in the work. You have to put in the work nothing is ever going to be given to you.

A lot of people ask me  how did I get to where I am today? Listen. I PUT IN THE WORK. There's no magic recipe, there's no magic key. The only thing I can say is hard work, dedication, focus and devoting your energy to your passion. Those four things are going to help you manifest your magic. 

There's going to be obstacle along the way so even if you put in the hard work that doesn't guarantee its going to happen like this. You put in the work consistently you're going to have some wins you're going to have some losses, and even after you get a few wins you're still going to have some losses. Just because other people see you as successful doesn't mean you're not going to have losses. Even if you see yourself as successful and people are like no you're a loser that doesn't mean you are. At the end of the day you define who you are so it doesn't matter the opinions of others or the thoughts of other because you are...




whether you're getting accolades or trophies, or people know about you, if you have enough followers. I don't currently have a lot of followers on Instagram but does that mean I'm invaluable and not important or that I should stop doing the work? No people don't know about me in a crazy massive quantity. And that's ok because I'm not trying to be famous but I would like to broaden my reach so that my messages resonate with people and help them transform their lives. I'm focused on doing the work. I'm about changing lives one person at a time. The amount of followers/fans I have is only relevant if I'm able to change all those people's lives.

There have been obstacles to come my way that make me question the work I am doing like am I working hard enough? Am I working hard enough? Am I focused hard enough? But then I have to step back and realize that I don't need the validation of other people in order to quantify my success, in order to quantify my greatness, in order to quantify my magic. I don't need anybody I don't need anybody to say that I am great.





So what work are you going to put in every second of every single day? Are you going to focus? Are you going to zero in on your magic? Are you going to make sure that you manifest that magic into the life that you deserve? What are you going to do today right now? 

You must focus on yourself FIRST. 


No matter what's happening in your life. No matter what circumstances are going on in your life. No matter the obstacles. Put yourself first. Check in with yourself. Tune into yourself. How are you living? What could you be doing better? We have weaknesses we have great things about us. I quantify my weakness are things that make me great I just have to know how to utilize them toward my power. I am nothing with my weaknesses. I think we really have to figure out who we are as individuals and how am I going to use whatever my mix up is how am I going to use that to change my life. There's going to be obstacles along the way and how am I going to get over these hurdles? What am I going to use in my so that I can jump over these hurdles again and again and again?  Because no matter how successful you get someone is going to try to stand in your way, something is going to try to stand in your way whether it be love, a relationship, a job, a location, lack of funds, you might get lethargic, you might be overwhelmed, depression, anxiety these are things that may stand in the way but are you going to let them stand in the way? 

Don't let obstacles that you can control stand in your way. If you're depressed get help. Do what you have to do to make sure that nothing is truly and obstacle to stop you from being great because you deserve the best YEAH YOU you deserve the best and I want the best for you. 

So remember never let anything or anyone stand in your way of your greatness. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. No obstacle in my way shall stop me from climbing my mountain. I deserve the best. You deserve the best. 



Don't let anything stop you from being great.


Sir Knight