When you're truly a creative you do not have the time to complain. If you are spending time complaining perhaps you should ask yourself what can I create? What could I be creating? What should I be creating? Because if you are spending your life complaining you are not doing the work to change the situation, what you don't like, what you're surrounding yourself with, the circumstances. CREATE THE WORLD THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO LIVE IN. CREATE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WANT TO SEE. Create what you think someone else isn't doing. If you have the energy and the time to complain about what someone else is doing or isn't doing perhaps you should use that time and that energy to create the change so you no longer have to complain. THINK ABOUT IT. You have everything that you need to cultivate the change you would like to see in your world. You can be a creative or you can be a complainer. YOU CHOOSE. I choose to be a creative. I don't complain. I speak truth on things that I see and don't like but if I don't like them I'm putting forth the effort. I'm giving time. I'm putting in energy to cultivate that change. So are you going to put in that time and that energy to cultivate the change?  But if you're comfortable with complaining just know that nothing is going to change. But if you want to live a great life, excel and live in the world that you dream, have the fancy car, the house, the wife, the lover, even if it's just the simple things a nice job, nice clothes, peace, at least peace and sanity and you find yourself complaining that's taking away from your peace and your sanity perhaps you need to figure out what you need to be creating.

Each and every one of you out there has magic inside of you, yeah you have magic. You just have to take the time to figure out what that magic is. I have discovered my magic so now I have the time, the energy to cultivate my magic to create the change that I'd like to see in the world. So take the time to tune in cultivate your magic so you too can make a change instead of complaining because who wants to live a life where they complain all the time.

You can get a platter of food and say oh this wasn't cooked the right way or I don't like the way this is OR you can create food. Give yourself a plate. Feed yourself the way that you would like so you don't have to complain. And perhaps you make yourself a plate and still certain things aren't up to par you keep creating, you finesse the art of cooking so you feed yourself.



I think that all the energy you put into complaining personally should go into creating. If more people focused on creating instead of complaining the world would be a beautiful place a much more beautiful place. You can complain about how you don't like your hair or you can cut it. You can complain about how you don't like your weight or eat better food.

A lot of people just prefer to complain they don't really want to change. So when I encounter those type of people I just recognize them for who they are and I make sure that they stay out of my way because I don't need that type of negativity in my life. I need creatives around me at all times. I don't care what you create. You can be creating the next lunchbag, You can be creating the next pair of socks. I don't care what you're creating I just care that you're creating because that's a different mentality, frequency. 

Creatives move differently. Speak differently. Do differently. Eat differently. Live differently. Love differently. And that's what I respect. I don't respect complainers.

Granted I complain at times but when I complain I'm actually taking verbal notes on what I don't like so I can be that change.

So if you're complaining about ABC are you gonna do the work, put in the time, the work and the energy to change ABC? Or are you going to be like I don't like this I don't like that I don't like that. I don't like A I don't like B I don't like C. And every single day I don't like A I don't like B I don't like C. Every single day are you going to do that? To me that's whack and that's not the type of life that I'm trying to live.

So remember if you're complaining think about what you could be creating? Think about what you could be changing with that same time and energy and effort that you put into complaining.







Sir Knight