We must protect our surrounding space and those whom we decide to share our energy with. Our energy is the determining factor between one's health or lack of it. A human can only be completely well when they are in good health. A human that is well is a human that is ready to live their best life.

It is important to understand that a positive personal energy causes a happy environment full of peace. And a negative personal energy produces not only a distressed body but a world that feels like it's in a constant state of panic.

Every aspect of life that we come into contact with contains energy and thus shares it with us upon contact. For example when you met a new person you can “vibe” with them or you don't. In this moment you are immediately choosing to accept or reject their energy. Thus ringing true the fact that first impressions are indeed lasting. We perceive someone from their original energy current. People and things have energy and share it. In particular cases the energy from another can imprint deeply on someone. For example a couple who breaks up and one chooses to move out. The energy of that person is still very present in that space. Memories of what used to be positive or negative stick to that place and now inhabit that space.

At any particular moment we can choose to heal or hurt ourselves with our thoughts. In order to live the life that we deserve we need to continue to maintain our own personal and surrounding energy towards positive vibes only.

The choice is yours to be happy or sad. Depression is real and I'm not a doctor but I've been depressed and I recognize my power to change my reality at any given moment.

It's rather simple.


Our thoughts are our medicine.

Now that we have this understanding a method that helps keep one in alignment with the proper energy.


A lot of people fear this word because they do not understand what it truly is. To put it simply it's a practice of intense focus on one thing so this can involve stillness or movement. Chanting, Singing, Walking, Running, Dancing and the list goes on. What is one thing that you can do where you intensely focus on just one thing? That's your meditation.

Meditation is a method to reconnect to one's zen or as I like to call it one's happy place. It is in these moments the mind, the body and the soul are quiet and drawn to be one with the universe, resulting in an elevation to a higher consciousness.

Meditating is allowing the mind to take a step back from everything. Doing this daily will ensure that you are always at your best personal, that you are giving the best energy to all whom you encounter. The healthiest, happiest people set out time to meditate. It's a part of their way of being and has surmountable rewards because when the universe is aware of you taking care of your energy it gives you that energy right back.

So what is your favorite state of being? That is your meditation.

Sir Knight