I started writing years ago because I needed to release all the things running through my mind. At one point I had different notebooks with specific designations. Thoughts were flowing out of my mind like water. I wasn't quite sure which direction this was going but I made sure to capture it all. And I'm so glad that I did. I started writing to understand what was happening around me, to me and to make sense of it all so that I could live a better, more peaceful life.

I didn't just wake up one day with the epiphany to be great. This has been a constant and daily quest for me. I'm at a pretty good balance but the work is never done. I was given this life but what I make of it is my choice. I am deserving of a happy, peaceful and beautiful life but in order to grasp it I must work for it.

I realized I had to write so that I could discover my truths and now I'm sharing these truths with you all. Daily I'm working on different methods to maintain my peace and sanity while taking strides in the direction of my greatness. I hope reading my truths will benefit you so that you too can overcome and push forward into your greatness. Why? Because you deserve it. You deserve the life you desire. Your dreams can and will become your reality if you stay focused on the vision and push through no matter how hard things get. I'm proof of what happens when you believe in yourself and create the life of your dreams.


Sir Knight