Live Your Truth To Become The Best You
— Sir Knight

Sir Knight is a revolutionary, public speaker, and creator. Sir has been dedicated to human rights advocacy since 2015. He is focused on the revolution and knows that all humans deserve to have freedom, peace and equality. Sir speaks and advocates for people of color/difference with an extreme focus on the inclusion of Black and Brown queer and trans folks in the fight for human equality.

He has been involved in multiple realms of activism from modeling to public speaking. Major media entities have utilized him as a source to strengthen and to expand their knowledge on these subject matters. He has been featured in Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and Timeout Magazine just to name a few. And he has been seen on Viceland and HBO. In addition for this year's NYFW he will walk the runaway for Kris Harring , the 2018 OUT Vanguard Award recipient along with MarcoMarco, as they made history having the first all trans model show.

He is also the co-founder of BlackTransTV a platform to gather, connect, uplift & inspire Black trans folks as well as to provide an educational tool for all people to learn about the Black trans experience. You can follow via Instagram and YouTube @BlackTransTV.  BlackTransTv is in partnership with gc2b , the first gender-affirming apparel company to gift warriors with free binders every week during their Instagram LIVE every Monday.


Sir has also been part of some major campaigns for animal and human rights. He was a model for PETA in collaboration with BraveGentleMan, a completely vegan menswear clothing line created by Joshua Katcher. In addition he is part of the campaign for GLAAD that was placed in Teen Vogue for Trans Day of Visibility 2018. Sir plans to continue to be visible for those who cannot be in campaigns moving forward.

Sir is inspired by his mother and her determination to continue to live her best life for not just herself but her legacy as well. Sir admires how she has always had a clear vision for her life and never given up despite the many obstacles that were presented. Sir is a warrior in life and without the armor of his mother's perseverance he would not be the man he is today. She has taught him that authenticity is the key to success and without it we can not realize our true potential.

Sir knows that despite the labels society gives us or the ones we give ourselves that at our foundation we are all the same. If we were to all focus on loving ourselves & becoming centered in our truth the world would be a much more beautiful place.

Sir is currently based in New York City.